Eva Pel (NL 1973) is living and working in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice is an ongoing investigation into the ordinair, public space, social-economical issues and structures of powers. This process results in short films, photographic series, installations and publications. Her work has been exhibited amoungst others at Van Eyck Academy Maastricht, University of Amsterdam, Huize Frankendael, Nieuw Dakota, Witzenhausen Gallery NY, Salzamt Linz Austria. Pel was invited to join the Academy honours programme for young artists and scientists (KNAW & Akademie van Kunsten Netherlands) in 2017. In 2019 she received the Mondrian Established Talent Grant. Recently she made the film "Sous les pavès, la plage", a commissioned assignment for the National Governmental Architect Floris Alkemade. 


24 March, S.E.A.T. Witte de With, Rotterdam (presentation/auction)

24 May, Social Capital Round Table, LIMA/ LAB111, Amsterdam (discussion)

7 June – 6 July, RURBAN. Landscapes on the move, Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (groupshow)

7 June – 30 July, RURBAN. Landscapes on the move, Elisbeth Strouven Fund, Maastricht (groupshow)

17 June, film premiere Sous les paves, la plage, during 'Gedeelde ruimte, de kunst van het samenleven', Akademie van Kunsten, Amsterdam. (event)

27 July, artist talk ButchCamp and Susan Sontag, during the festival Queer Currents, ACDN, Amsterdam

6th Arte Lanzarote Bienal 'Humano-no humano. Más allá de la antropización del paisaje’ (upcoming), Lanzarote